How Should I Be Protecting the Transition Value of My Business in The Event of Unforeseen Circumstances?

  • What happens if you, or key members of your business team become critically ill or disabled?
  • What happens if you, or a partner, or a key family member in the business passes on?
  • What happens if you, or a partner, or key family members in the business get divorced?

Nobody wants to talk about these unforeseen circumstances, but they need to be planned for. Otherwise you’ll risk creating a mess that could significantly devalue the business you’ve worked so hard to make successful.

That’s why Risk Management is a key component of our succession planning process for family business owners. There are a number of strategies that we could consider for your business.

Some may include revisions to your current ownership structure, or shareholder agreements. In cases like these, we would work closely with your legal advisor to make sure the objectives are clearly understood and correctly implemented.

Other strategies might include the use of insurance, including:

  • Buy Sell Protection Plan
  • Corporate Estate Bond
  • Corporate Insured Retirement Program
  • Income Loss Replacement Plan

We have access to more than 25 insurance carriers, so rest assured we’ll be able to find ones that best suit your needs.

To mitigate risk to your business we might also consider:

  • Individual Pension Plan
  • Group Benefits Plans
  • Retirement Compensation Arrangements
  • Health and Welfare Plans

We can execute all of these on your behalf using our network of trusted specialists.

Let’s Talk About Which Risk Management Components Make The Most Sense For Your Succession Plan.

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